Tristan Record

Embody a amerindian spirit and spread chaos by controlling Time.
Show your skills in this stealth/puzzle game in a colorful world. Solve the issues in the factory and don't get caught.
Sweet Bakery is a 3D mobile game in hich you bring back happiness in villages by cooking cakes to the inhabitants.
You are playing as a switch operator in St Lazare train station during the 70s.
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Made during Quarantine Jam by LebGameDev
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The planets overheat and they will have to cool as much as possible.
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Save the world and kill all other furnitures
Chi'Bal Dios is an action-adventure game when the player have to use magic scrolls to beat the boss.
Moving into a new house, with a step-father that frighten you can be hard for a child...
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Top down 4 players party-game